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Shore Supply Switchgear and Lineside Pillars

 Shore supply panels are provided at railway stations, depots, and stabling sidings as a facility to pre heat and condition the rolling stock.

Historically until the early 1990's shore supply equipment was specified, procured and controlled by the British Rail Board headquarters in London. Tecnivel UK was one of two companies on the list of preferred suppliers for the switchgear, line side pillars and site commissioning of the complete installation. Since privatisation of the railways, Charnvel, have in most cases, provided the complete package for the project, including the HV ring main unit, power transformer, plugs, receptacles, flexible leads and stowage units, and at some locations diesel generators.

Over the years there have been a number of technical specifications issued for the supply of this equipment, but the requirements apart from modern practice, legislation and national standards have not changed the content and operation of the equipment. It is still possible to install a new line side pillar to operate on a 1970s switchboard and visa versa.

Shore supplies are provided in both 400V TP and 850V 2P versions depending upon the type of stock.

As some stock is capable of accepting 850/1000V we have upon request provided 1000V units at some locations. The main difference between the 400 and 850/1000V units being the voltage rating of the circuit breakers busbars and control protection fuses. The operation of the equipment is identical.

In addition to manufacturing complete shore supply installations, we are also able to provide new plug/lead sets.

View some of our past installations of 400v Shore Supply Panels or 850v and 1000v Shore Supply Panels.

Shore supply switchboard with feeding transformerFascia details of the shore supply lineside pillar unitLineside pillars for HST units5 Way Shore Supply SwitchboardA shore supply line side pillar, plug and stowage frameA view of the fascia panel of a line-side pillar

Company Information.

Tecnivel UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Charnvel Ltd. The owners and directors of Charnvel are as Tecnivel when originally incorporated.

Shore supplies have been manufactured by Tecnivel since 1979 but in latter years have been badged as Charnvel as the name has become known within the industry.