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Mobile Diesel Connection Points

These units provide a permanent, or semi-permanent connection, from a diesel generator to an existing switchboard installation, and are used where mains supplies need to be dropped for maintenance purposes. Our MDCP units house Phase 3’s PowersafeIcon External Link connection points which ensure correct plug / phase mating, and safe connection to the generator set takes a matter of minutes

The MDCP is normally sited near to where the generator set is to be placed and hard connected into the switchroom. A diesel set can then be quickly, easily and safely connected to the switchboard via the MDCP ready for maintenance operations. Charnvel switchboards designed for use with mobile diesel supplies feature a Castell lock system preventing parallel supply.


  • 400A to 1200A.
  • 13A socket outlet, heater and thermostat
  • Compliments your switch room security and access procedures during generator operations.
  • Eliminates trailing cable hazards around the switch room.
  • No cable tools needed to make connection.
  • Forced sequential safe connection of generator.
  • No problems with generator supply cables not reaching.
  • Designed for outdoor use.
  • Convenient height for plugging operations.
  • Lockable overall door.


  • Wall or Frame mounted.
  • Cable entry from above or below.

Mobile diesel connection pointLittonPowerSafe sockets close up

A fully connected Mobile Diesel Generator Connection PanelWall mounted MDGCP