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Mobile Shore Supplies

Shore supplies are provided at railway stations, depots, and stabling sidings as a facility to pre-heat, air condition and provide lighting and general power to rolling stock.

2 Way Mobile Shore SupplyPower is provided to the shore supply by way of a flexible cable and plug from the line side pillar to the train unit. Our equipment ensures operator safety by only allowing the plug and lead to be energised when fully connected to the train unit. Power is dropped as soon as the plug is removed although this is not the recommended mode of operation.

Our compact or mobile shore supplies provide the same operation as the fixed model, but are easily relocatable around the depot location.


  • PLC controlled load dumping system ('Last on first off' as standard).
  • Integrated insulation safety test.
  • Lead stowage
  • Compact generator and shore supply feeder units with integral diesel tank.

mobile shore supply 1Mobile shore supply equipmentMobile shore supply showing control panel